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av sports massage

A brief confidential consultation will take place to discuss your symptoms and their origins in detail and a strategy formulated, before treatment can begin.

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av sports massage

If the body is not functioning properly, an imbalance can occur and posture can be affected. The body tries to compensate, but this causes further imbalance, and the result is pain and tension. Our range of treatments helps restore balance and proper functioning of bodily structures.

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av sports massage

Do you spend hours in front of a computer, or behind a wheel? Do you shift, or carry heavy items? If so, you’re likely to have pain in your neck, shoulders and back. Holding your body in a static position for long periods of time causes increased muscular tension. A sports massage can help relieve that tension.

av sports massage
av sports massage
av sports massage
av sports massage

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av sports massage

Located in South London. We work with local athletes, businesses, and individuals providing a Personal Training servivce and Remedial and Sports Massage to individuals of all ages. Advanced massage techniques are effective in treating work-related conditions, caused by poor posture and muscle tension, such as chronic neck, back and shoulder pain, as well as treating sports-specific injuries caused during play, overtraining, or overuse.


Sports & Remedial Massage

Therapy for muscular injuries

We provide bespoke Treatments & Training Plans

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What Are The Benefits of Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy?

av sports massage

Friendly, Professional, Mobile Outdoor One to One Personal Training; 3, 6 and 12 month packages. Small Outdoor Group Classes. Nutrition Consultations and PT sessions via Skype are also available. Book a Free Consultation on 07980 749 073.

Sports & Remedial Massage - packages, or monthly plans are most beneficial - great for headaches, neck, shoulder, back pain, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, sore knees and ankles and much more! - Call me if you're serious about your health and want to take back control.


Anna is a member of Sports Therapy Organisation (STO), CTha & REPS.

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Sports & Remedial Massage and Personal Training with Nutritional Advice

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